Map displays

Map Creator offers a selection of visual displays to support editing. Map displays allow you to edit Places more accurately, review larger map views faster, focus on specific attributes and in turn, improve map quality.

1 Core Places vs. Extended Places Display

Map Creator displays Places from a variety of sources (e.g. Places verified by HERE, Places supplied by third parties, etc.). These different types of Places are classified accordingly:

1) “Core” Places

  • Internally verified (highest confidence in accuracy)

2) “Extended” Places

  • Places from third party providers (accuracy not fully verified)

Activating the “Places” layer will display both types of Places without distinguishing between Core vs. Extended. To visualize which Places are Core vs Extended:

1) Activate the “Highlight core places vs. extended places” display by clicking on the icon.

2) The colors of the Place icons become color-coded (Core=aqua; Extended=gray).

3) A map legend displays the Place types and corresponding colors.

4) It is helpful to use this view when editing Places so you know if you are editing a Core or Extended Place.

Fig: “Highlight Core places vs. Extended places”

2 Facebook/Trip Advisor source button

Map Creator offers the ability to link to a Place’s Facebook and/or Trip Advisor page (if available).

1) Select the Place. The “Place attributes” menu appears.

2) If the Place has a Facebook and/or Trip Advisor page the corresponding icon(s) appear on the right side of the “Place attributes” menu.

3) Click on the button and the webpage opens.

4) If necessary, use information from the webpage to modify the Place.

Fig.: “Source button” for Facebook and Trip Advisor