Additional place editing tools

You can upload an image to clarify a Place edit.  Uploaded images are only visible to internal experts and used as reference.

1) Select the relevant Place.

2) Click on “Upload image.”

Fig.: “Upload image” button


3) Browse your computer, select the image for uploading and click “Open.”

Fig.: Select and upload an image from your computer


4) After clicking “Open” the image preview appears.

Fig.: “Upload image” preview


5) The “Upload image” preview offers these features:

  • The arrows button allows you to move the image to the corresponding location on the map
    • Click on the arrows button. An image icon appears.
    • Move the icon to the correct location on the road (also taking into account road side).
Fig.: “Move the image to the correct place” functionality


Fig.: Moving the image icon


  • The X button cancels the upload
Fig.: “Remove” functionality


  • Click “Save” to upload the image to the Map Creator repository.
Fig.: “Save” functionality

2 Discussions

You can start a Discussion about a road or reply to Discussions started by other user.

2.1 Start a Discussion

There are two methods to start a Discussion.

2.1.1 “Start to discuss” method

1) Select the relevant Place.

2) Click the “Start to discuss” button on the “Place attributes” panel.

Fig.: “Start to discuss” button


3) Complete the “Start discussion” form and click “Submit”

Fig.: “Start discussion” form


4) Once submitted, visit your post on the Discussion Board by clicking the provided link.

Fig.: “Thank you” message and access to the Discussion Board

2.1.2 “Start discussion” method

1) Right-click on the relevant Place and select “Start discussion.”

Fig.: “Start discussion” option


2) Complete the “Start discussion” form and click “Submit.”

Fig.: “Discussion window”


3) Once submitted, visit your post on the Discussion Board by clicking the provided link.

Fig.: “Thank you” message and access to the Discussion Board

2.2 To see your Discussions or Discussions by other users

1) Open the layer menu and expand the “Support Layers” option

2) Activate the “Discussions” checkbox if you want to see Discussions in your area. Discussions are marked with a yellow icon.

Fig.: Activating the Discussion Layer and Discussion marker

2.3 Reply to other Discussions

1) Hover the cursor over the icon to read the Discussion

Fig.: Window with more information abut the discussion


3) Click the pencil icon to open the item in the Discussion Board.

Fig.: “Pencil” icon


Fig.: “Discussion Board” (click image to enlarge)


4) Type a reply and click “Submit.”

Fig.: Replying to a Discussion

2.4 Report an offensive, inappropriate or spam Discussion

1) Click on the pencil icon.

Fig.: “Pencil” icon


2) Within the “Discussion Board,” click the “Report” option.

Fig.: “Report” option


3) The topic will be marked as inappropriate content and will be reviewed.


  • Discussions are visible to all Map Creator users.
  • Discussions cannot be deleted.

3 Report non-editable Place issues

You can report a Place-related issue which cannot be edited in Map Creator by using the “Feedback” or “Report a map problem” features.

1) Click the “Feedback” button.

2) Click “Report a map problem”.

Fig.: “Feedback” option in the footer


3) Complete the “Report a map problem” form.

  • “Select a problem” that best describes the issue.
  • “Select a type” that best describes the problem.
  • “Customer reference id” is optional.
  • Add your comment to the “Please provide us more details” field.
  • “Add image/file” as reference for your report (optional).
  • If needed, move the red marker to the location of the map problem.
  • Click “Submit”
Fig.: “Report a map problem” form

3.2 “Report a map problem” functionality

1) Right-click at the map problem location and choose “Report a map problem” from the menu.

Fig.: “Report a map problem” functionality


2) Complete the “Report a map problem” form (see example above) and click “Submit.”


  • Images and detailed comments speed up processing.
  • If you don’t find your problem in one of the “Select a problem” categories, choose “Other (Not listed here).”