Map Creator offers the ability to display street-level imagery from our partner Mapillary. Their community has collected over 75 million photos globally which can be used to edit the map.

1) To see Mapillary street-level imagery, activate the “Mapillary Coverage” layer in “Support Layers.”

Fig.: Activate “Mapillary Coverage”


2) After activating the layer, you will see colored lines that represent imagery age.

Fig.: Mapillary image age color coding


3) To view an image at a specific location, right-click on the colored line and select “Show in Mapillary.”

Fig.: “Show in Mapillary” functionality


4) The image viewer opens with the following additional information and options:

  • Date/time information
    • Time stamp of the collected image.
  • User name
    • User who captured the image.
    • Click the user name to learn more about the user’s image collection history.
  • “” button
    • Opens the image on the Mapillary website in a bigger size. If desired, sign in/sign up for Mapillary while on the site.
  • Image direction
    • Indicates direction the lens was facing when the image was captured.
  • Navigation arrows
    • Use the arrows to navigate along the road.
  • Drive mode
    • Click on the center button to automatically display images in sequence.
    • Click on the left button to scroll through single images backwards
    • Click on the right button to scroll through single images forwards
  • Mouse pointer/wheel
    • Use the mouse pointer to pan around the image.
    • Double-click to zoom in.
    • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Position indicator
    • The position indicator shows position of the image being viewed in relation to the map.
Fig.: “Image viewer”