Map Creator workspace

In this chapter you can learn more about the Map Creator work space and its different user interface elements.

1 Top Bar

The top bar includes the following elements:


  • Clicking on the “HERE logo” brings you to the official HERE page.

About Map Creator

  • Learn more about Map Creator and the Map Creator Community.

Discussion Board

  • Clicking on the “Discussion board” brings you to the discussion page where you can add remarks/questions and follow ongoing discussions globally.
  • Clicking on the “Help” icon brings you to the “HERE Map Creator Tips & Tricks” section.


  • Clicking on the “Language” button allows you to chose between 37 languages to change the user interface.

Get The App

  • “Get the app” with links to the “Google Play” and the “App Store” web page for downloading the “HERE Mobile Map Creator” to your device.


  • Via the “Login” section you can find more info on “My HERE Account”, “Settings” and “Logout”

2 Bottom Bar

The bottom bar includes the following elements:

Use Of Cookies

  • You can find the “HERE Cookie Policy” consent popup.

3 Service Bar

The service bar is the black vertical bar on the left and contains the administrative sections.

What´s New?

  • “What´s new?” includes articles, success stories and helpful information about community projects and Map Creator.

Your Stuff

  • Within “Your stuff” you can find information about your personal statistics and your Map Creator contributions.

Your Geospace

  • “Your Geospace” is a functionality which allows you to upload your own data into Map Creator.

4 Editor

The entire map area turns into an editor. Just zoom into the area you want and select an object to start editing.

Search Bar

  • Use the “Search bar” to find a location where you want to edit.

Edit Toolbar

  • The “Edit toolbar” is on the top right side of the editor and contains the core editing tools.
  • Use it to add roads, places, and house numbers and to open additional support layers.

Map Controls

  • The “Map controls” are on the bottom right of the editor.
  • They contain features to help you to edit the map more accurately.

Editing Bar

  • The “Editing bar” replaces the “Top bar” once you are in edit mode and select an object.
  • It contains the edit controls “Undo”, “Save” and “Cancel”.

Object Panel

  • The “Object panel” opens on the left when you select an object.
  • It contains all editable attributes and some special options according to the feature you are editing.

Right Click Menus

  • The “Right click menus” are activated when right clicking on the map or an editable object.


  • The “Footer” allows you to change the map scale from miles to kilometers and back again. It also contains a link to the “Feedback” section where you can report other map errors that cannot be fixed through the editor, and to detailed information about the “Terms of use”.
Fig.: Map Creator user interface (click to enlarge image)