Map Creator basics

1 What is Map Creator

Map Creator is the crowd sourcing map editor from HERE. It enables local mapping enthusiasts to make map edits and add content to the HERE location platform to keep the data fresh. You can add, update and delete HERE roads, places and house numbers in around 200 countries.

HERE Map Creator is free and available on mobile and desktop.

The desktop version can be accessed via your web browser, without any software installation needed. Go to Map Creator and start editing.

The mobile version is available in the stores for Android  and iOS

2 How to get started

1) Go to Map Creator

2) Click “Sign In” and set up a HERE account (if you don’t have one yet).

3) Activate your account by clicking on the link in the activation email (make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it).

4) Sign in to Map Creator.

5) Zoom to the area where you want to make changes or use the search bar.

6) Edit the area: add new roads, places or house numbers or update existing areas.

For legal reasons it is not possible to make edits or report a feedback/map problem in the following countries:

  •  China
  •  Japan
  •  South Korea
  •  Cuba
  •  Iran
  •  North Korea
  •  Sudan
  •  Syria
  •  South Sudan
  •  Yemen

3 What happens to the edits/safeguarding the map quality

To ensure the highest quality, all content created or modified in Map Creator is verified before integration through automated processes and manual checks by our internal experts. Once validated, the changes are added to the database and integrated into the next map release. Depending on where the map is used, this process can be longer or shorter.

Fig.: Integration of map edits into the HERE map database (click to enlarge image)

When you edit the HERE map, you comply with the HERE “Service terms” and more specifically the applied copyright rules. To consult those, go to “My HERE Account” in the upper right corner of the menu bar.

Fig.: “My HERE Account”


After opening the account page the “Service terms” can be found at the bottom left corner of the page.

Fig.: Service terms within my HERE account (click to enlarge image)

5 Browsing the map

The Here Map Creator editor works best in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We suggest you to use any of these browsers when using the desktop version.