Map Alerts

Map Alerts are map tasks where a manual verification is requested to further process information about roads, places and house numbers. To resolve “Map Alerts” follow the steps as described below:

1) To see “Map Alerts” in your area you need to activate the “Map Alerts” layer in the section “Support layers” within the “Edit toolbar”.

Fig.: Activate “Map Alerts”


2) The “Map Alerts” main menu will open and “Map Alerts” will be displayed on the map as a spanner icon.

  • You can switch between “Map Alerts in my area” by clicking on the eye icon or “Map Alerts in country”  by clicking on the globe icon.
  • It might be the case that “Map Alerts” do not currently exist in your current viewport so it is recommended to watch for “Map Alerts” within the country you are staying in.
  • Existing “Map Alerts” are listed within the “Map Alerts” panel.
Fig.: “Map Alerts” with main menu, list and icons


3) Click on an entry and the map will zoom to the location.

  • The entry will open and more information will be shown (e.g. road is missing, …).
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to get more information about solving the “Map Alert” (e.g. “Add this road to the map?”)
  • Click “Check near by” to see if a similar situation exists in the vicinity
Fig.: “Map Alerts” panel


4) There are two possibilities to solve a “Map Alert”:

4.1) Add

  • When clicking on “Add” you can start editing and solving the “Map Alert”.
Fig.: Solving a “Map Alert” with “Add”


4.2) Discard

  • When clicking on “Discard” then you confirm that the “Map Alert” is redundant and you should choose a reason from the drop down menu “Choose a reason” which will open.
  • Four reasons are available:
    • “Map Database already reflects requested change”.
    • “Request does not meet our Map Specifications for Inclusion”.
    • “Provided information insufficient to resolve Map Feedback”.
    • “Database reflects reality”.
  • Click on “Save” to close the entry or click on “Cancel” to keep it open when you cannot solve it.
Fig.: Closing a “Map Alerts” with “Discard”


Fig.: “Choose a reason” drop-down list