House number attributes

1 Address and house number

1.1 Road name

The Road name is automatically inserted from the road network and cannot be edited within the house number editing menu.

Fig.: Road name which is not editable


When moving the routing point to another road segment with a different street name then this street name will be adopted.

Fig.: Road name before moving the house number routing point to another road


Fig.: Road name after moving the routing point to another road


If the road name is missing or needs to be modified then this must be done within the “Road attributes” menu first.

Fig.: Road name is missing and needs to be added

1.2 House number

The house number provides the address information that distinctly defines the house number object.

Fig.: House number with editable input field


House numbers should be entered according to reality and various formats can be supported (e.g. N123W12312, A12/123, AB-12, 12A, 40, Блок 12345 Б, …).

Fig.: House numbers (e.g. Eastern Europe)

1.3 Building name

Building names are the verbal address data that reflect a building or property name. They can be the alternative information to a house number or maybe also as an addition. Building names should be entered when officially recognized and as shown in reality. Multiple building names can be entered.

Fig.: Building name as an alternative address information (e.g. India)

1.4 Language code

Language codes classify letters and numbers according to the language country set up. In many countries multiple languages can be official so it is quite important when entering a building name to select the correct language code from the drop-down menu.


Fig.: Building name with language code drop-down in multilingual countries (e.g. India)