Additional house number editing tools

1 Upload a picture related to a house number

You can upload a picture related to your house number edit. This picture will only be visible for our internal experts and used as reference to speed up the moderation process of your edit. What you need to do:

1) Select the relevant house number.

2) Click on the “Upload image” button.

Fig.: “Upload image” button


3) Browse your computer, select the image for uploading and click on “Open” or drag and drop the image into the panel

Fig.: Select and upload an image from your computer


4) After the upload an image preview will be displayed.

Fig.: “Upload image” preview


5) The “Upload image” preview offers a couple of additional functionalities:

  •  “Move the image to the correct place”
    • Click on the “Move the image to the correct place” button and an image icon appears
    • Move the icon to the correct location along the road and to the correct road side
Fig.: “Move the image to the correct place” functionality


Fig.: Moving the image icon


  • “Remove”
    • Delete the image from the view port.
Fig.: “Remove” functionality


  • “Save”
    • Upload the image to the Map Creator repository.
Fig.: “Save” functionality

2 Report non-editable house number issues

In Map Creator you can also report issues that cannot be edited directly in the tool. There are two ways to report an issue. Follow the steps as described below:

1) Click on the “Feedback” option in the Footer of Map Creator.

2) Select “Report a map problem”.

Fig.: “Feedback” option in the footer


3) Fill out the form with much details as possible and “Submit” your issue.

Fig.: “Report a map problem” form

2.2 “Report a map problem

1) Make a right mouse click on the place icon and choose “Report a map problem” from the menu.

Fig.: “Report a map problem” functionality


3) Fill out the form with much details as possible (see example above) and “Submit” your issue.


  • Only submit issues that you cannot edit in Map Creator.
  • Add images and detailed comments to speed up processing.
  • If you don’t find your problem in one of the categories, then choose “Other (not listed here)”.