Table of contents

Map Creator basics

1 What is Map Creator

2 How to get started

3 What happens to the edits/safeguarding the map quality

4 Copyright rules

5 Browsing the map

Map Creator workspace

1 Top Bar

2 Bottom Bar

3 Service Bar

4 Editor

Search for a location

1 Entering coordinates in Lat/Lon order

2 Entering a country name, city name, street name, postal code or a combination

3 Entering a place name

Explore mode vs. edit mode

Zoom into the map

1 “Go to your current location” button

2 “+” and “-” buttons

3 Use the mouse wheel for zooming

4 Use the left mouse button for zooming

5 Use the right mouse button for zooming

Tips and tricks

1 Keyboard short cuts

1.1 Refresh screen

1.2 Transparency change

1.3 Select roads with the same road name

1.4 Multiple road segment selection

1.5 Copy and paste attributes

1.6 Delete objects

2 Help text

Roads and road structure

1 Road structure

1.1 Road segments

1.2 Nodes

1.3 Shape points

1.4 Sub-shape points

Road attributes

1 Road attributes menu

2 Road types

2.1 Highway

2.2 Main

2.3 Local access

2.4 Residential

2.5 Parking lot road

2.6 4WD

2.7 Pedestrian zone

2.8 Pedestrian road

2.9 Trail

3 Road name and language code

4 Speed

4.1 Speed limit

4.2 Average speed

5 Direction and lanes

5.1 Direction of travel (1- or 2-way road)

5.2 Number of lanes

6 Outdoor attributes

6.1 Walking path

6.2 Hiking trail

6.3 Bicycle path

6.4 Bicycle trail

6.5 Horse trail

6.6 Cross-country ski trail

6.7 Ski run

6.8 Ski lift

6.9 BMX track

7 Structure type

7.1 Open road

7.2 Tunnel

7.3 Bridge

8 Surface

8.1 Road is paved

8.2 Poor surface quality

8.3 Dirt

8.4 Gravel

9 Vehicular access

9.1 No vehicular traffic allowed

9.2 Local vehicular traffic only

9.3 Motorcycles

9.4 Cars

9.5 Taxis

9.6 Buses

9.7 Emergency vehicles

9.8 Delivery vehicles

9.9 Trucks

10 Other attributes

10.1 Toll road

10.2 Pedestrians are allowed

10.3 Good for cycling

10.4 4-wheel drive

10.5 Signposted trail

10.6 Seasonal closure

Add a road

1 Adding a single digitized road

1.1 Connected to an existing road

1.2 Connected to an existing node or shape point

1.3 From a location within the map

1.4  From the activation bar

2 Adding a multi digitized road

3 Adding a roundabout

4 Define crossings

5 Accurately representing intersections

6 Turn restrictions and divider

Modify a road

1 Changing the geometry of a road

1.1 Changing the length of a road

1.2 Adjusting the shape of a road

1.2.1 Move a node or shape point

1.2.2 Add a shape point and move it

1.2.3 Move a sub-shape point

1.3 Deleting a shape point

1.4 Dividing the road in two segments

1.5 Remove junction

2 Changing the attributes of a road

2.1 Select the road

2.2 Edit road details

Delete a road

1 Remove this road

2 Via the trashcan icon

3 Via keyboard short-cut

Error messages

1  “Road names can be up to 35 characters long.”

2 “The road has a steep angle. Try to smooth the curve.”

3 “Motorists can´t leave this road. Please check the attributes.”

4 “Motorists can´t get to the starting point of this road. Please check the attributes.”

5 “Motorists can´t leave this road. Please check the attributes.” and “Motorists can´t get to the starting point of this road. Please check the attributes.”

Map displays

1 Missing connections display

1.1 Undefined crossings

1.2 Duplicate roads

1.3 Overshoots

1.4 Undershoots

2 Roads without names display

2.1 Unnamed roads

2.2 Road name hopping

3 One way roads display

3.1 Missing one ways

3.2 Contradicting one ways

4 Protected roads display

5 Speed limit display

6 Dirt or gravel roads display

Additional road editing tools

1 Copy and paste road details

2 Multiple road segment selection

2.1 Using the “Shift” key on your keyboard

2.2 Using the rectangle selection

3 Select roads with the same name

3.1 Using the “Ctrl + Alt” keys on your keyboard

3.2 Using the “Select same-name roads” option

4 Discussions

4.1 Using the “Start to discuss this road” option

4.2 Using the “Start Discussion” option

4.3 To see or hide your Discussions or Discussions by other users

4.4 Reply to Discussions

5 Uploading images

6 Report other (non-editable) road issues

6.1 Using the “Feedback” button

6.2 Using the “Report a map problem” functionality

7 Report inaccurate geometry of protected roads

Places and place structure

1 Place structure

1.1 Place icons

1.2 Display point

1.3 Routing point

1.4 Stacked places

Place attributes

1 Place attributes menu

1.1 Place Category

1.2 Place name

1.3 Language code

1.4 EV Charging Information

1.5 Food type

1.6 Chain

1.7 Address

1.7.1 Street name

1.7.2 House number

1.7.3 Postal code

1.8 Contact information

1.8.1 Telephone number

1.8.2 Mobile phone

1.8.3 Toll-free number

1.8.4 Email

1.8.5 Website

1.8.6 Preferred contact type

1.9 Other attributes

1.9.1 Opening hours

1.9.2 Fuel type

1.9.3 Wheelchair accessible

Place editing

1 Pre-conditions

2 Adding a Place

2.1 Adding a Place with the “Layer activation bar”

2.2 Adding a Place via the “Add new place” feature

3 Modifying a Place

3.1 Select the Place icon

3.2 Select the Place from the stacked Places icon

3.3 Updating the routing point location

4 Deleting a Place

4.1 “Remove this Place” feature

4.2 Via the trash can icon

4.3 Via “DEL” on the keyboard

4.4 Reason message

5 Merging a Place

5.1 Select from the “Merge list”

5.2 Select from the map

Place editing tips

Error messages

1 Attributes marked with a red error icon

1.1 “Place name is missing”

1.2 “The phone number is not valid”

1.3 “The email address is not valid”

1.4 “The website is not valid”

2 Attributes marked with a yellow error icon

2.1 “Include this info to help speed up validation”

3 General errors

3.1 “Please enter the name of the connected road or connect the Place to a named road”

Map displays

1 Core Places vs. Extended Places Display

2 Facebook/Trip Advisor source button

Additional place editing tools

1 Upload a picture related to a Place

2 Discussions

2.1 Start a Discussion

2.1.1 “Start to discuss” method

2.1.2 “Start discussion” method

2.2 To see your Discussions or Discussions by other users

2.3 Reply to other Discussions

2.4 Report an offensive, inappropriate or spam Discussion

3 Report non-editable Place issues

3.1 “Feedback” option via the footer

3.2 “Report a map problem” functionality

House numbers and house number structure

1 House number structure

1.1   House number icons

1.2 Display point

1.3 Routing point

House number attributes

1 Address and house number

1.1   Road name

1.2 House number

1.3 Building name

1.4 Language code

Edit a house number

1 Pre-conditions

2 Adding a house number

2.1 Adding a house number via the “Layer activation bar”

2.2 Adding a house number via the “Add new house number” functionality

3 Modifying a house number

4 Deleting a house number

4.1 “Remove this house number” option

4.2 Via the trash can icon

4.3 Via “DEL” on your keyboard

House number editing tips

Error messages

1 Attributes marked with a red warning sign

1.1   “The house number is not valid”

Additional house number editing tools

1 Upload a picture related to a house number

2 Report non-editable house number issues

2.1 “Feedback” option via the footer

2.2 “Report a map problem” functionality

Map Alerts

Your Geospace

1 GPX traces and waypoints


1 Create a Mapillary account

2 Mapillary street-level imagery

3 Mapillary traffic signs