House numbers and house number structure

House numbers are the individual address data displayed as a point object. A house number object needs to have a house number or a building name included, and might have both. The following chapter gives an overview about the structural elements of a house number in Map Creator.

Fig.: House number (e.g. Kazakhstan)

1 House number structure

The house number structure describes the single elements that define the house number object. Those are the house number icon, the display point and routing point of the house number.

1.1 House number icons

The house number icons are displayed as square icons and include the house number information. They should be located at the entrance of the building where the individual house number can be seen in reality.

Fig.: Square icons representing the house number information

If a house number and the building name are missing, or a house number is missing but the building name is included then the square icons display question marks. Dotted lines within the square icons indicate that the house number information is too long to be displayed.

Fig.: Question marks and dotted lines within the house number icon (e.g. In India)

1.2 Display point

The display point is represented through the house number icon as a red circle and can be moved in all directions to identify the correct location of the entrance of a building.

Fig.: Display point
Fig.: Moving the display point in all directions

1.3 Routing point

The routing point is displayed by a red dot on the road segment and can be moved along the road to represent the correct arrival location at the house number.

Fig.: Routing point
Fig.: Moving the routing point along the road